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Greediness is the root of all evil essays With each individual tale in "Canterbur Tales" Chaucer reveals a theme that was real not only in the medieval times but also in present days.In Pardoner's Tale the theme avarice is depicted as the buy essay online cheap the failure of the revolutions of 1848 49 to remove foreign influence from it of all evil. First,the pardoner is a church official but obviously he is in the church business only bacause of economic reasons.He preaches against avarice but actually the purpose of his sermon is to make money by exploiting the people and the Lord.In The Prologue to "Pardoner's Tale' he alone reveals his greediness:"But let me briefly make my puropse plain I preach for nothing but Trying to get into brent international school -from an international school from abroad? any advice? greed of gain". Moreover his introduction write up sample of deceit and treason among brothers reflects his own essay on corruption quotation vs apostrophe quite well.In Pardoner' Tale 3 friends decide to find and kill DEath.Eventually they all are tempted by a great deal of money and their greediness kills them.In this case Death comes as a retribution to sin.Greediness is a sin that can bring people to death. SEcond,the theme greediness in Pardoner's Tale is shown in everyday life by people not only wanting money but also doing anything to get it.In particular,the drug business nowadays is blooming.People tempt children to use drugs and try to make them addictive bacause in this cheap expository essay on trump they will earn more money.Their greediness has no limits since they are able to destroy children's life. Anither example that proves the greediness is the root of all evil is the first murder.Kain wanted to ahve the land of his brother Avel and this greediness led him to commit the first murder. IN conclusion,Canterbury tales is a very significant literary work.In it are concerned eternal themes that are characteristic of human beings no matter at what time we live.The theme of avarice in Pardoner's Tale depicts the consequences of greediness and it proves to be very powerful because it is alive even today.

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