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Friday, October 27, 2017 1:09:17 PM

Jak the ripper essays Jack The Ripper Coursework 1. Source A suggests that the murders of Martha Tabrum and Polly Nicholls were motiveless and brutal. the source shows this by saying there was ‘no adequate motive in the shape of plunder’. It also says they where brutal and done by a ‘demented being’ this means that the newspaper reporter thinks that the person who did it was writing my research paper the effects of chocolate unstable. They are obviously brutal murders because they used such extraordinary violence. They are also described as interesting because they are what is the function of a ribosome in protein synthesis motiveless and they have used so much violence that the police were intrigued as to why they would do it. I know they are different and unique because they call them ‘peculiar’. They also stand out because there is not motive. 2. In some ways the evidence of source C supports the evidence of source a because source C is a factual a account and a official report so the medical notes are likely to be accurate where as source A is properly opinionated. although somewhat surprisingly there are not many things they agree on that are actually written, because they have chosen to focus of different aspects of the different victims. But the things they do agree on are that there was no money found on the body’s which they agree rules out the possibility of a mugging, it also says what is the function of a ribosome in protein synthesis source A they used ‘extraordinary violence’ and in source C it quotes one of the injuries ‘long incision. cutting the windpipe completely in two’ and I think that is a extraordinary amount of violence to used just to kill someone where as a regular stab to the abdomen is more common, and because of the purpose the medical notes where made for then that source would be more explicit than a newspaper, but they do agree on this point. Whether source B agrees with source C is debatable because it can be interpreted in two ways, on he jan lindsten karolinska university hand they do seem to agree because they are both doctors reports therefore they are worded .

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