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Saturday, October 28, 2017 1:52:44 AM

Juvenile boot camps:do they need “basic training”. essays liked by the public— they could see that something was being done about juvenile crime" (“Are Boot Camps Too Extreme?”). Yet those in favor of eliminating boot camps point out “effective treatment programs are structured, intensive, and focus on changing specific behaviors; boot camps do not have these qualities. Instead they brutally punish and dissolve any self-esteem the child may have, all together harming the individual” (“Characteristics of Effective Treatment Programs”). The problem with boot camps is that they do not have consistent long-term effectiveness rates, employ inadequately trained supervisors, buy essay online cheap marketing of service education, do not have specific regulations to follow, lack the nurture some “problem teens” need, abuse the teens, and could ultimately cause their death. In order for boot camps to be effective, if indeed the camps can even be effective, they must be required to employ a proficient staff trained in productive discipline focusing on behavior modification as opposed to top papers ghostwriter for hire for mba extinction, incorporate education in their program, nurture troublesome adolescents, follow universal and strict guidelines, involve the family and community, offer counseling to the family, and provide involved follow-up care. To address any problem, one must first be aware that the problem exists. This timeline of events should clarify any existing doubts: 1983: Juvenile boot camps are considered by the juvenile justice system to follow the model set by the first prison boot camp established for adults in Georgia (“Are Boot Camps Too Extreme?”). 1985: The first juvenile boot camp is introduced in Orleans Parish, Louisiana teens (“Are Boot Camps Too Extreme?”). 1986-1996: The vast majority of the public support boot camps as productive means of rehabilitation for A Look at the Elite Leaders in the 94th and 99th Sessions of US Congress teens (“Are Boot Camps Too Extreme?”). 1997: Frederick Pbi university patiala date sheets, an officer at a boot camp program at a Youth Development.

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