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Monday, October 23, 2017 3:03:48 PM

Fantsy fiction essays Fantasy Fiction 1. With which character do you relate to or like the most? Why? The character I most identify with is probably Taliesin because he is strong of mind, will and body. He knows when and how to make decisions like whether to sankardev institute of engineering and management guwahati university or to stay and fight. He is a quick learner like when he was learning magic with Alitiher and he mastered a very hard spell called phoenix fire. He was a friendly boy who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind like when he first met Arthur, they hit it off right away and they never left each others side. I liked how even though he wasn’t the strongest he still gave it every thing he had, like in his training with Alilither he always wanted to push his limits. He was a natural born leader, literaly, he fought for what he believed in with courage dignity and heart. He had real wisdom even at a young age and tried as hard as he could to get wiser. He had heart and compassion and a odd sense of humor which he used in all situations. He also had an easy going side and he was likeable. 2. What was your fav part of the book? Why did you like this part? My favorite part of the book was when Taliesin dad had to leave to go fight Research proposal youth electric guitar and his evil army. Taliesin’s father told Taliesin about his mother and how she found a hawks feather on the day of his birth which in there culture means that the baby will be strong heart and mind and meine stadt essay help courageous. His father left, then Talisen had to go live with foster parents who were friends of his mothers. On his way there his home and the entire kingdom is destroyed be Ederin, and it’s then he knows his father died. So this is a very sad time for him but he makes it through. He gets to his new home and that’s when he first meets Arthur, Need help do my essay when was world war ii Kendall College smiles and they exchange gesture.

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