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Friday, October 20, 2017 4:27:36 AM

The odyssey - movie vs. poem essays The Odyssey – Movie vs. Epic Poem Recently I read the epic poem The Odyssey, written by a blind Greek prophet, Homer and also viewed the movie. The three scenes read and top papers ghostwriter for hire for mba were “The Cyclops”, “The Witch Circe”, and “The Land of the Dead”. In both versions of the stories, they were very similar. Only a few differences found in both versions. “The Cyclops”, which was the first scene that was similar in both versions. On Odysseus’s mission he comes across a one eyed monster known as the Cyclops who is also known as Polyphemus in a cave. Odysseus and his team, work together by trying to attack the Cyclops to get out of the cave safely. In the poem when Polyphemus fell in a deep sleep, Odysseus and his men heat up a sharp iron to stick in the Cyclops one eye and blind him for them to get out with the sheep. In the movie all they did top custom essays ukiah valley rural health lakeport record change the stick they used to blind the Cyclops into wood. So as you see in the summary of the scene is that both of the versions were similar. The next scene, “The Witch Circe” is another well replicated scene for both versions. In this scene Odysseus and his men on the ship are trying to get back to the land of Ithaca. In Odysseus’s travels he finds a god, Because i could not stop for death research paper, God of Wind, who with his writer kingsley first name us president candidates powers draws a very windy storm into a small bag for Odysseus to bring back on the ship with him. As Odysseus took a short nap his followers knew he brought a bag on the ship with him. So they go ahead and take a peak at what is in the bag and it wasn’t a pleasure sight once it was opened. The result was tornado like and a lot of men were blown into sea were they later drowned. In this particular scene I didn’t find any differences comparing the movie and the epic poem. The last scene that was read and viewed was “The Land of the Dead”, which was because i could not stop for death research paper rather short scene. This is the scene in which Odysseus goes on a mission to try and find out about himself. He wa.

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