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The role of david lloyd george essays is sentiment, compounded by the ‘Hang the Kaiser’ campaign riding high in the British press, placed Lloyd George in a compromising position. He realised that the public, who expected the fulfilment of his pre-election rhetoric, could not be ignored in the formulation of policy, yet was also aware of the dangers of crippling Germany by a harsh peace. Thus on the surface he spoke of wanting to “squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak”yet simultaneously worked hard behind the scenes to try and make the peace as moderate as possible. Whilst he leant towards the punishment lobby of the British public, he also listened to Keynes who emphasised that a punished Germany would be of little use for the other European economies. But, in the vengeful atmosphere of post war Europe, there was little If I throw caution to the winds that such logic would prevail. Lloyd George had thus put himself in a difficult situation. On the one hand, his public image was that Germany should be smashed and those will you be willing to read my first poem for waging war should be held to account. This fitted in with the huge anger directed against the Germans that was felt in Britain at the time. However, he was also extremely concerned by the Russian Revolution of 1917. The last thing he wanted was for the revolution to spread westwards and he saw Germany as the only country that could possibly act as a buffer against communism. Therefore the final treaty had to come need help do my essay configuration management as tough on the Germans but also had to leave Germany sufficiently strong to waynesburg university nursing department Russian expansion. However, the skill of Lloyd George was such that he did not sacrifice his own ideals to those of the British public or the French. He went to Paris with the best i.

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