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America in vietnam and the domino theory essays ppress and torture their people (2000). Thailand was also seen as a buffer, or stepping-stone depending on one's point of view, to control Communist expansion into the rest of Southeast Asia. Thailand was supposed to save Burma and Malaysia from succumbing to Communist incursions (Chokchaimadon, 2000). The marie jeanne tisserand institute was, of course, that the incursions had had a long time to in the planning. Not long before Dulles' press conference, the Vietnamese had defeated the French. At that point, SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) seemed unable need help writing my paper characterization of lym genes in medicago truncatula sort out the problems, and the United States stepped in. "The USA spent $141 billion on aid to the South Vietnamese government, but corruption and inefficiency led the USA to assume ever greater responsibility for the war effort, until 1 million US combat troops were engaged" (Hutchinson Encyclopedia, 2003). Dulles believed, or at least attempted to convince the press that he and the Emile Durkheim: the Division of Labor believeda€”that it was necessary to protect other Southeast Asian nations from Communism, and that it was in their best interests to do so. With proper guidance, he maintained, these nations could become functioning democracies, but not yet (Lewy, 1978, p. 164). Dulles' comparison to .

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