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Napster essays Napster, a storm that has engulfed millions Jay Bubla 2-25-1 Argument Word Count: 1638 Napster, a storm that has engulfed millions Thesis: Why people should go pro-Napster and leave the bickering to the politicians. I. Music companies are retaliating a. Why music companies are retaliating i. Loss of money due to file sharing systems ii. The greed of the music companies II. People that want it up a. Why most bands are pro-Napster i. So many people can hear their music ii. They are not affected by sales as How to write an The Lifetime of Student Loan Debts as record companies III. What do the fans think about Napster a. Why most professional scholarship essay ghostwriters services for school it to essay of computers up i. Lets users dispatcher cover letter music for free Their love of music Napster, a storm that has engulfed millions For many years the record companies have fixed record prices to avoid competing with each other and to maximize their profits. One reason to be against the record industry is because of their own greed and self-serving motivations. Currently, the record companies are collaborating in order to force Napster to shut down. However, not all musicians in the record homework assistant and tutor to accompany financial and managerial accounting want Napster shut down. Musicians and bands want Napster to "stay up" so that their music will be heard. Dispatcher cover letter people feel sympathy for the record companies because of the supposed starvation of profit as a result of Napster file sharing? Or should the sympathy lie with the users of Napster? So, in my third point I will discuss why the people want Napster to stay up. Now, let us examine who and why some people are trying to shut down Napster versus those who are promoting it and for what reasons. First off, the Record Companies are strongly opposed to Napster for one reason and one reason only, money. Apparently, the record companies are losing more and more of the market to Napster file sharing on the Internet. The record companies are claiming that Napster is breaking copyright laws. The.

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