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Organizational behavior 7e ch9 q1-3 essays 1.Describe how stress may have played a role in this tragedy. In this tragedy, stress may have played a role in causing trouble. First of all, James Simpson was unhappy with the company policy requiring employees to come and go through the back door. According to the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS), this was Stage one or “Alarm.” James first encountered a stressor at this time, but he couldn’t cope with the stressor. And then he moved best professional cv writing services 4 u the second stage:” Resistance.” James had voiced his complaint against the company policy. He was offended that a few managers and secretaries were allowed to use the front door. Again, he couldn’t find the resolution, so this stressor brought on Stage three fact electronica inicio servicios cirugia the GAS. James quit his job and began to look for other work. This is described as Stage three,” Exhaustion.” At this stage, he literally gave up and could no longer fight the stressor. After that, James was under so much stress because of a lawsuit, life change, and unsatisfactory references which will cause him a difficulty to get a new job. And then he was pushed over the edge, and killed five people and himself due to stress. 2.What individual and organizational sources of stress can be identified in this case? The individual source of stress is a low degree of hardiness. James is a person who fact electronica inicio servicios cirugia not internal locus of control with hardy personalities. He cannot view change as an opportunity for advancement and growth. In this case, the organizational sources of stress is. James thinks the policy requiring employees to come and go through the back door is unclear and unfair. A few managers were using the front door, James felt unvalued and thought the policy was confusing and frustrating. 3. Multiple factor hypothesis you think that any of the individual or organizational strategies described in the chapter for dealing with stress free fresher resume download have kept this situation from occurring? Yes, I think the strategies for dealing with stress could have.

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