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Friday, October 27, 2017 5:06:04 AM

The wonder of ancient greece essays Ancient Greece. According to ancientgreece.com, the Acropolis of Athens is known to be used as far back as 6 B.C.E. King george homework central this time, it was known as the sacred place. The Parthenon, which is built on the Acropolis, is a structure that has also lived a very long life. Many believe that it was built as a temple to serve Athena. Athena also has a temple on the Acropolis. The temple has been rebuilt after it was destroyed by the Persians. An interesting aspect of the temple is the parapet that served as a protective railing for visitors. It is described as an “elaborately decorated by relief sculptures which were seen best by the visitors ascending the ramp towards the Propylaia” (ancint-greece.org). I would love to see the Acropolis because of its rich history. The Delphi Theater is experimental study example another piece of architecture I would like to see. It would be unique because I have seen so many pictures of the theater. It is reported to have seated an audience of 5000 experimental study example and it would be amazing to see the rows and imagine the plays and other events that occurred there. Academic writing essays Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School would also like to visit the museums. The Athens museum seems to be filled cheap write my essay stopping by woods on a snowy evening notes all types of pieces that allow us to envision what life was like for the Greeks. I especially enjoyed the classical Greek pieces in this museum. The ancient architecture would be a pleasure to see because they help us see what life might have been like in this community. Moving from place to place and walking where the Greeks walked would help us to learn. In addition, the museums southeastern louisiana university honor bands us to add additional pieces to the puzzle of what life might have been like. .

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