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Love vs. evil essays In “Nicomachean Ethics”, Aristotle tries to define what is ethically good. Inherent to his definition of good is his conception of happiness. For while Aristotle sees in happiness the ultimate good. Aristotle argues that we but choices for the sake of some end, and this need help writing my paper cinderella vs. danielle de barbarac in itself is chosen for another end, for example we work in order to generate an income, this same income is used to satisfy certain needs, and so on. This process is undoubtedly reoccur infinitely many times if there was no end that is desired for itself, “obviously, this end will be the good” (Aristotle, 4). This end is happiness, for happiness cannot be used to attain some other goal but is rather self-sufficient. Different people would give happiness different subjective definitions according to their status, needs and cultivation, however Aristotle sees that happiness lays in “the proper function of man”, doing what he should be free starry night essay as a human being (Aristotle, 16). After analyzing Aristotle’s view ! of happiness I agree that according to him, happiness holds the highest of values and hence it is the leading cause in determining human actions. People are virtuous only if their actions are in conformity with the reason and are performed in the best possible way. Only then could the ultimate good, namely happiness, be reached. I believe that happiness should be conceived as the general well being of a person, in that sense it will stand for the highest good. For, if happiness of a person lasts forever, then his/her life is an example to be followed and his/her acts are nothing but virtuous. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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