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The beging is hers essays Conservatives by introducing the principle of a minimum and a maximum tariff. A chief result of this Liberal protectionism was to give British goods a preference in Canada." (McMenemy, pg.12, 1976) Another significant move made by the Liberals was in 1903, when Prime Minister Laurier announced the construction of a second transcontinental railroad. Laurier’s minister of railways dissented on the idea and in turn was sacked by the Prime Minister. "By the election of 1904, the Liberals had acquired MacDonald’s how to write a essay proposal Warminster School and tariff policy and could therefore wear the previously Conservative mantle of ‘party of national development.’"(McMenemy, pg.12, 1976) The Liberal Party of Canada currently forms the federal government of Canada. Their current leader, Jean Chretien, was elected to succeed John Turner in 1990. Around the time Chretien was elected leader, questions within and outside the party were raised regarding the political "baggage" that Chretien carried from previous Liberal governments. Despite the controversy, Chretien won his party’s leadership quite comfortably, and returned his party to prominence once again in 1993 by forming a federal government with a large majority in the House of Commons. Looking back, this current Liberal mandate has weathered relatively little criticism until recently. One of Chretien’s campaign promises in 1993 was to scrap the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if the Liberals were to form a government. To complement that promise by Chretien, Sheila Copps, another prominent Liberal from Hamilton, Ontario, vowed to resign if the GST was 12 Tips to Write an Essay scrapped under a Liberal mandate. Three years into the Li! beral mandate, controversy began to rise over Chretien’s and Copps’ promises regarding the GST. Copps eventually resigned after much criticism, and won back her seat in her Hamilton riding in a by-election several weeks later. Chretien was subjected to large amounts of public criticism, especially.

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