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Movie review: the last emperor essays The context: The film is about the life of the “Last Emperor” of China—Pu Yi. The film started from his early age when he was the youngest emperor of China, and end by the end of his life. Although he was the Emperor, meaning the son of the heaven, he could not make any decisions by himself, even his own lifestyle. Pu Yi was appointed ba history syllabus punjab university be the king of China by Cixi when he was three years old. He was the youngest emperor in the Qing history. After the appointment, he was forced to live in the Forbidden City, and started his “puppet life”. When he was six, he was no longer the real emperor of China anymore as the republican hold all the actual power. He could only continue his life of an emperor inside the Forbidden Quality custom essays ukraine president resigns from office to factory. But at that time, he already had very less freedom. In his childhood, he learned many western things from his teacher—Mr. Johnson. He learned how to be a gentleman, ride bicycle and play tennis etc. Mr. Johnson widened his eyesight by bringing him some western magazine. His life had totally changed when the Japanese had successfully invaded China. He escaped from his palace and lived as a common people for a short time. But he became the emperor again when the Japanese asked him to be the emperor of the Manchukuo. However, this time, he was just the puppet of Japan; he had no real power, only the title of an emperor. During the World War II, Pu Yi was captured by the Russian and finally handed to the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party put him in prison for 10 years. During this period, he had changed a lot. After he released, he returned to Beijing and started a new life. He became a gardener and finally died in 1967. How it complemented our studies: This film was a Hollywood production. Although it is a movie about the Chinese emperor—Pu Yi, it was produced by the western director; so, whether the political environment, the role of the Chinese Communist Party, characters’ .

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