Carbon footprint from fossil fuel essay

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 10:32:47 PM

European beleif towards native americans essays The belief of many Europeans carbon footprint from fossil fuel essay the Native Americans was incorrect because the Native Americans were smart people. They were good hunters and had kills of many kinds of animals. They were good/excellent builders of there time and were organized. Some tribes like the Olmecs made accurate calendars. And were very good at mathematics. The Native Americans had highly developed agricultural system, had unique hieroglyphic writing, irrigations stone drain systems. Rubber ball games and made fine pottery and carved jade jewelry (mostly Olmecs). The Native American Cultures had high spiritual meaning to plants and animals. Some cultures were master architects and engineers and built/controlled a huge empire. They built complex cliff dwellings and some cultures could survive a drought. They were excellent Sample Resume Nice Objective Resume Retail and some of there trading items were wood, pottery, clothes, baskets, and turquoise. Many cultures built mounds to buried there leaders with all their wealth, and many some cultures built towns on river flood plains for excellent farming and trade. They spoke many different languages and had many different societies. Celebrated there spiritual connections through stories, dances, art, prayers, and mponline result aps university rewa result. They were aggressive fearless warriors (mostly Aztecs). Cultures started to get more developed at about 2000 B.C.E period; they started raising crops including the three sisters, and started building canals and dams for irrigation. And the people of the north, Eskimos, survived the cold weather with no farming, and no sun for weeks. They had to survived on wild life; polar bear, caribou, sea mammals. And almost all the Native American Cultures based there technology university link light rail seattle wa map wood. The Indians had many festivals and the Algonquin culture lived in wigwams and the Iroquois lived in the long house. The league of Iroquois was based on the great law of peace, democratic government, and women and children’s rights were included in the cons.

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