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Architectural influence essays h was later to be built by Jones. "[the banqueting house] represented the assimilation of the Renaissance in England" (Locher, Pruitt, Sliver 2). "Because of Jones's unique and innovative styles, architects everywhere used his ideas for centuries Please please help.Why cant I do what I want? They combined his work can sterling silver rust their own to better their work (2). Another great architect of this time was Robert Smythson, the designer of Hardwick Hall. Robert "was one of the largest advocates of the use of symmetry and ornateness (2). He wanted buildings to be beautiful even though he would say that they are practical. Smythson's buildings had high basements for an attempt of lighting in the kitchen or storage areas. His most ingenious tactic was the use of stairways. The stairways made all parts of future career and career goals(chef) cheap essay writing service uk mansions easily accessible. "Architecture that was practical was a new idea in the 1500's" (2). The architects responsible for the Flamboyant style being built in France were mainly Amboise (1483-1501) and Blois (1498-1515). "The crowning features of their exteriors are magnified versions of dormer windows" (Hinkle 7). The last flowering of Flamboyant architecture occurred between the end of the fifteenth century and the 1530's in the work of Martin Chambiges (died 1532) and his son Pierre (died 1544), who were responsible for a series of grand cathedrals facades, including the west front of Troyes Cathedral and the transept facades of Senlis and Beavvais Cathedral. (7). Architects made things possible, but with possibility comes reason.

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