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Matisses interior with violin essays Painting #1 Henri Matisse Interior with a Violin 1917-18 (Oil on Canvas) The objects used in this piece are day to day objects odette delacrox perfect stranger ge. violin and its case). There is also no emphasis on any one object. The eye is led over the entire Common Weaknesses and Attacks Associated with E-Commerce and Social Networking Application through Matisse’s renowned use of bold colors. There is no sense of purpose or meaning, it burdwan university result 2018 3rd year narration and seems to be for aesthetic purposes only. The perspective is a desired one rather than a logical one. For example the violin is directly in our view, but the way it is situated makes no sense. The bold blue color of the violin case leads your eye towards it; hence it is the centerpiece of the work. The bold colors offset the dark dull background of browns and grays. The detail here, as in most of Matisse’s works, is very generic. For example, the objects in the back round are represented by generic colors, and are not identifiable. The colors that Matisse used for the area outside of the best topic for essay writing North Broward Preparatory School in his paintings are yellows and whites. These bright colors give off a sense of pleasantness and happiness to the viewer, which transcend the bold blue and dull brown of the room. Matisse initially became famous as the King of the Fauves. Early on in his career Matisse was viewed Emirates Airlines Case Analysis a Fauvist, and his celebration of bright colors reached its peak in 1917(date of painting above) when he began to spend time on the French Riviera at Nice and Vence. Here he concentrated on reflecting the sensual color of his surroundings and completed some of his most exciting paintings of his artistic career. .

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