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Story of joe odd interpretation essays THE STORY OF JOE odd. (Simon, M) This is the story of Joe Odd, written by a ‘mentally ill’ patient in a secure mental asylum. It is possible to pick out several psychological ‘themes’, these of which I intend to assess. The story of Joe Odd is clearly a case of social ‘In and Out’ groups, where in society groups emerge west burger street bloemfontein university people have more influence than others. Clear evidence from the text proves my statement: “People who lived in the boxes thought Joe was very strange because they all watched television. At first they said, “…why don’t you live in a house like us?” but Joe didn’t want to. So they broke his windows and made up bad stories about him” We can learn from this extract above that there is an element of ‘labeling’, and the fact that poor Joe Odd once labeled, is prone to increased labeling. Labeling is a very powerful which tends to stick to that person it has been attached (unless he/she adapts to the social norms which society labeled that person with.) “Then another social worker wrote a report about how Joe had lived in a hut with the door and windows barred up. So the doctor hung another label round his neck saying ‘Persecution Complex’…and gave him some pills because they made him feel better, Joe didn’t like the pills because they made him feel strange, and he wouldn’t take them, so the doctor hunt an ‘Unco-operative’ label round his neck.” From this extract we can assume that Assignment of mortgage florida law reckless driving Odd prue by alice munro essay negative of himself due to the excess labeling, and ended up believe himself as a stereotypical being. “One night he thought he heard a voice in his head saying, “…come with me. I know a beautiful place, come with me…” “I can’t. I’m very ill; can’t you see all these labels round my neck? (Joe Odd)” Joe Odd believed himself to be out of the social norm, and ‘mentally ill’ because of his labels, which tell him it is not right to.

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