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Marijuana use and baseball essays It is causally referred to in such literary works as The Count of Monte Cristo and Artificial Paradise. It was once used to make clothes, useful tools and even for recreational use by past presidents. Now, it has become a dangerous “gateway” drug. Marijuana has gone from being a harmless picker-upper to a dangerous addictive substance. Once what was an easy to obtain over the counter drug now has the ability to land someone in prison for countless years. The origins of marijuana have been traced back to 4000 B.C.; Evidence of the remains of hemp fibers was found in China. Such evidence was also located in Turkey around 3000 B.C. The Chinese used marijuana, Ma, for medical, fiber, and leisure purposes. Around 1000 B.C., the Chinese discovered a more potent version, Tai-Ma. These men felt strongly about the crop. This was depicted in pictures, which always expressed Tai-Ma as a very large man. This showed the close relationship between the individual pilot resume examples his Tai-Ma, they would appear to be old friends. Marijuana use in B.C. has been documented in almost all cultures. During this time marijuana did not hold the stigma it does now regional maritime university ghana admission list our society. During the fifth century B.C. cannabis was combined with ginseng by Taoist Priests, in the belief that this will reveal the future. In Central Asia, charcoal was found with remains of cannabis leaves believed to buy essay online cheap the american dream or lies by the rich from around 300 B.C. Even royalty were known to “dip” into the plant. King Henry VIII allowed for the cultivation of hemp because of the regional maritime university ghana admission list demand for the plant and Queen Victoria was known for using marijuana to ease her menstrual pains. The use of hemp transgressed waters to find itself in the United States in 1629. This was no foreign crop to the Jamestown settlers. They have, by this time, either heard of it from seperate but equal movie essay Motherland or perhaps even had practice in growing it. This was considered an important crop to the early colonists, used to ma.

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