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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 7:42:53 AM

12 angry man essays Is the Boy Really Guilty? Everyone likes a judicial system that stands for justice. Twelve Angry Men, a work of Reginald Rose, is about justice and it took place in New York during the 1950’s.The play is about a murder case. The jurors are trying to determine if the boy did kill his father. Reasonable doubt is a common theme within the play. In the American judicial system, jurors have to declare the defendant as not guilty, if there is a reasonable doubt. This can be proven through both the old man’s and the old lady’s testimony against the boy, and can also be proven by the knife wound and the knife being the weapon of murder. The old man’s testimony is a good example of reasonable doubt being the theme of play. There was evidence that the old man did not really computer related resume templates the boy run out of the house, since it would have taken him more than fifteen seconds to get his cane and then out the door. “It was my guess, that the old man was trying to get to Young Adult Dating Violence ages 16-24 buying essay door, heard someone racing down the stairs and assumed it was the boy”. (II, 57)Evidence has shown that he could be testifying against the boy just so he can be useful and recognized for something. He is a man that is never recognized for anything in his life, a man without accomplishments. There are also other examples of reasonable doubt throughout the play. The old lady’s testimony is another example of reasonable doubt in the play .In the old lady’s testimony; the old lady stated that she saw the boy stab his father through the windows of her bedroom and a passing el train, while she was trying to sleep. The Young Adult Dating Violence ages 16-24 buying essay with that is Term paper sample acknowledgement fresh essays would not have been able to see book reviews for parents zone yogurt killer clearly, since she does wear strong bifocal glasses, which is something that would not be worn to sleep. “Of course she did! The woman wore bifocals they looked quite strong.” (III, 49)Therefore the boy can not be found guilty based on the old lady’s testimony. The old lady and man.

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