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Gography essays Key Terms:Political Geography State: an area organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government that has full sovereignty over julia verhoeven leiden university internal and exeter university safer sex ball video link afffairs. Examples are Monaco, Korea, and Singapore. Nation: a self-defined population who shares a sense of common origin and a belief in a common political destiny. Examples include the Americas, Poles, and Kurds. Nation-state: state in which the population shares a common nationality, heritage, and their culture is homogeneous. Examples include France, Japan, and Italy. Nationalism: identification with a particular culture manifested in use of icons or symbols. A strong emotional attachment to a nation. Examples include flags, anthems, and The Statue of Liberty. Multinational states: contains two or more ethnic or national groups with traditions of self-determination that agree and coexist peacefully by recognizing each other as distinct nations. Examples include Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. Balkanization: used to describe a small geographic area that could not be successfully organized into one or more stable states because it was or is inhabited by multiple ethnic groups/nationalities with complex antagonisms toward each other. Examples include Yugoslavia and the Middle East. Unitary state: it places the most power in the central government. It works best in a nation state, with few internal cultural differences with a strong sense of nationalism. Business plan for life coaches through domination. Examples include China, Iceland, and Cuba. Federal state: this allocates strong best critical analysis essay ghostwriting for hire gb to units of local government within the country. This is useful when a large state and national capital remote, or where multinational population tends to reduce core vs. periphery tensions and separatist movements, although it could also reinforce ethnocentrism. Examples include the Air pollution essay about myself conclusion States, Switzerland, and Australia. ---------------------------------------------------.

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