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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 5:20:52 AM

The relationship of gi science to gis essays The Relationship of GI Science to GIS Definitions of GIS: Geographic Information Systems are a set of tools for storing and retrieving at will, transforming and displaying spatial data from the real world for a particular set of purposes. GIS can also be defined as an organized activity by which people measure and represent geographic phenomena then transform these representations into other forms while interacting with social structures. Definitions of GI Science: GI Science is the science behind the technology. It considers fundamental questions raised by the use of systems and technologies and it is the science needed to keep technology at the cutting edge. It is contributed to by many disciplines such as cartography, geodesy, and photogrammetry. GI Science can also be defined as the study and application of methods for acquisition, visualization and sick of them.? analysis of information about geography. References: http://www.gis.harvard.edu/About_GIS.html http://faculty.washington.edu/geog460/newdef.html http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/giscc/units/u002/u002.html http://www.terraviva.net/hq/ggg.html# GI Science has developed as a tool of Geographic Information Systems. GI Science was first thought of in 1992 by Goodchild. Since 1992, it has evolved considerably. One of the reasons GI Science was created was because of i want to write articles online University of South Carolina automated processing of information; this was the computers that enabled the creation of information systems. Also, GI Science can be regarded as the study of article writing companies Queen Ethelburga?s College fundamental issues concerning geographic information and due to the complex nature of Geographic Information, it can be said that GI Science is even more necessary. So, the existence of Geographic Information Systems, force the development of GI Science. Geographic Information Systems first started to evolve in the 1960’s and have been evolving rapidly since. The main reason for their development was to deal with management resource pro.

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