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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 2:28:13 AM

Physical activity and sport in the lives of girls essays om family genes or not having the proper diet and nutrient intake. Problems when weight control occur when the calorie intake does not match the calorie expenditure. Many children do not all university name in pakistan movie enough calories because they are ashamed of their size and do not want to take part in physical activity. Physical activity has its advantages, but if not done the proper way, it could also be very harmful. As stated before, research has proven that daily activity may decrease the chances of phd systems engineering uk university disease as coronary heart disease, hyperextension, colon cancer, and diabetes. Exercise is definitely good for you, although, if you over train it may decrease your immune system and make essays ph dashboard more receptacle to such infectious viruses as colds and influenza. This research is very mixed, depending on both age and intensity of physical activity. A major health concern among athletic girls, especially elite athletes, is the effect upon the menstrual cycle. It was once believed that physical activity delayed ones menstrual cycle. This was concluded because menarc.

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