A Relation Between Gender and Virtue

Saturday, October 28, 2017 10:55:21 AM

Outdoor recreation essays America’s current concepts of recreation, leisure, and play have evolved from A Relation Between Gender and Virtue ancient Greeks, Romans, and early American Colonialists, and have continued to grow A Relation Between Gender and Virtue the nineteenth and twentieth century American culture. I will demonstrate this by defining the ancient Greeks’, and Romans’ ideals of recreation in their time, and compare it to the defined ideals of current American recreation. American’s current concepts of recreation are not solely emphasized by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The are also influenced by some other primitive societies. Primitive societies are ones lacking science and technology. The ancient Greeks, and Romans are not considered “primitive” societies in that they had much science and technology for their time. In these primitive societies, ther is no sharp distinction between work and play. This is mainly on account of the fact that these people do intense bursts of work, then they relax. The work that they do is infused on an irregular schedule with play and ritual. Rituals and leisure to these primitive people is closely associated with warfare. For example, the sport of the Native Americans, is lacrosse. The French gave the game this name to the game meaning, “little brother of war”. In contrast to primitive societies, modern America has a distinct separation of work and leisure, so much so that there is a saying of people who “don’t mix business with pleasure”. Modern Americans for the most part work some sort of regularly scheduled job that is usually specialized and highly repetitious. In comparison, we do participate in many warlike activities, such as paintball, football, and other events. The ancient Greeks had very unique recreating standards. Only the wealthy citizens(citizens were only rich men) could afford leisure at this time. Leisure to the Greeks A Relation Between Gender and Virtue not necessarily physical activities. They enjoyed learning. Men who could afford.

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