Medical terminology case study digestive system

Monday, October 30, 2017 1:30:15 AM

Economies of scales Medical terminology case study digestive system usc thesis and dissertation online processing have a minimum size, which cannot be splitted up or divided into smaller parts. For example: Incase of machines there is a minimum size which cannot be broken down into smaller parts and therefore this minimum size may be too large for the small firms. Hence, the large firms will enjoy the benefits. (ii) Labour: Labour is indivisible and the services of the labour can be efficiently achieved when he is employed on a full time basis rather than on part time basis. On a part time basis labours gives less concentration in work and is less efficient in their performances. With more concentration of the full time employed labour, the nest services are obtained. (iii) Research: A research may take minimum ten years. Research is a long and continuous process. The cost of long-term research activities can be obtained, when the firm is large. Small firms cannot afford it since it is very expensive. Therefore, large firm enjoys the benefits of research. (c) Increased dimensions: Firms can reduce their unit cost by increasing the dimensions of the goods they produce. If the length, breadth and height of an oil tanker is doubled then the volume of oil that can be carried is increased by eight time but the quantity of steel required is only increased by four times. (d) Principles of multiples: With the help of the assembly line method f production, the output of one machine is the input of another machine and there may be several machines on one assembly line. Such machines can produce at different speeds and large firm can compensate by having varying numbers of each machine. 2. Managerial Economies: Firms can now apply resume summary software engineer principle of division of labour for management, firing specialists for sales, marketing, finance, public relations, etc. Each department will have its own efficient manager while the small firm will have to depend on the manager who may hanne tvaermose university of aarhus specialized in none of them. 3. Marketing Economies: (a) Buyers: Larg.

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