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Sunday, November 05, 2017 1:50:53 AM

Iowa state university memorial union bookstore ames of salem witch trials essays What caused the Salem witch trials of 1692? This question has been asked for over 300 years. Although it is a simple question, article use in english alphabet does not have an easy answer. The answer is difficult because there are many factors and events that helped create and influence the trials. The most obvious causes were the girls need for attention, and the fears and imaginations of the people. It all seems to begin when Reverend Samuel Parris’s daughter and niece get caught up in seemingly harmless voodoo and fortune telling with their African slave Tituba. For reasons that no one is sure the girls began iowa state university memorial union bookstore ames have strange and violent fits. Maybe the girls actually believed they were possessed but I think it was just a stunt they pulled for attention that got out of control when it was fueled by fanatical adults. The 17th century puritans believed in witchcraft as a cause for sicknesses such as the “fits” the girls were having. They believed that witches gained their power from the Devil so they decided to find the witches responsible for the girls ailment and kill them. The girls were probably then placed under enormous pressure to name names. Rather than admit to what probably started out as a game, the girls became frightened and a little generic rubric template as writer kingsley crossword washington shooting became caught up in the frenzy of the witch hunts. More factors that play out in the causes of these witch hunts are the fears of the people. So many people were put to death as a result of the actions of their “friends”, relatives and neighbors. It probably all started with a few petty fights between neighbors over land or some financial issue. Once the witch hunt was on, people began accusing anyone they had any kind of grudge against. Their fears continued to escalate and their new motto became accuse or be accused. They were afraid if they didn’t accuse that person who they had an argument with last weekthen that person might turn around and accuse them. It became every man or woman .

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