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Sunday, October 15, 2017 4:48:54 PM

Major league baseball salary cap essays A salary cap is the amount of money a team can spend on their players’ roster in a single year. Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap, and therefore this makes it a highly disputed topic. Cheap masters dissertation abstract topic reason for a salary cap is to keep teams competitive, rather than having two outstanding teams dominating the league. Magazine writing jobs National Essay on selena the movie League and the National Basketball Association have a salary cap because it gives teams an equal chance of getting players that can make a difference in their team’s season. Salary caps also keep players from receiving contracts, which give them an extremely large and often undeserved salary. Major League Baseball teams, including the Anahiem Angels and Atlanta Braves, are owned by wealthy people and/or companies. The Anaheim Magazine writing jobs are owned by Disney (Worisnop, 128). It’s no surprise that the Angels can produce a competitive team and have several all-stars. Several years ago Anaheim signed Mo Vaughn for ninety million dollars over a seven year span (Antonen, 2). If there was a salary cap, the Angels would have thought twice about giving that much money to a single player. Another good example real estate appraisal trainee resume the “richest team winning” occurred in 1997. The Florida Marlins spent over sixty million dollars for their roster (Weiner, 1). They had all-stars including Kevin Brown, Gary Shefeild, and Bobby Bonnila. The Marlins lost money that year, but the team won the World Series. The salary cap keeps teams more competitive and closer magazine writing jobs equal talent. The 1998 Yankees are a perfect example of how un-competitive the league can be without a salary cap. The Yankees bought their World Series Championship like the Marlins of 1997, but they proved what a big difference it makes when you have the money to have five all-stars. The New York Yankees won over seventy percent of their games, which is one hundred and fourteen games and lost forty-eight (Weiner, 1). The Boston Red Sox finished twenty-two games.

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