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Sea anemone essays The sea anemone is a coelenterate. They are a member of order Actinaria. They are in class Anthozoa. And, they are in phylum Cnidara.It is an invertebrate. Anemone have no heart, veins,blood bones, no means of locomotion, it has one buy research papers online cheap the branding pyramid opening, it is a hollow sac, and it has a nervous system. It has long tentacles. It has a hollow mouth. It resembles a flower because the tentacles create a ring around the mouth opening making it look like petals. They come in beautiful colors. Anemone are shaped like a cylinder. Anemone are jelly-like organisms. Sea anemones look like lumps of jelly after the tide comes in. They could grow up to five feet in diameter( or 1.5 meters). Anemones have thick,but slender bodies. They have hundreds of tentacles. Anemone are covered in cilia (really small hairs that are about 0.1 by two micrometers [0.000004 by 0.00008 of an inch]).Some sea anemone vary in size from a few millimeters. While others are usually 1.5 meters( about five feet) in diameter. At the end of the stalk, there is a smooth, muscular disk. The disk helps the anemone to move. Sea anemone live in a marine climate. Most of them float in the Pacific ocean. Other anemone live courseworks columbia international college graduation rocks. All anemone live in tide pools. Most of them stay in one place. While others stay in shallow water and deeper waters. Some of them burrow. Anemones usually stay in one place. One way they server catering resume is they use their tentacles to propel themselves .But sometimes they somersault if they live in shallow water. They seldom move. They also live off the coast of any continent. Basically in warm areas. Warm areas such as off the coast of South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and some parts of North America, the Caribbean, and Central America.They also live off the coast of Spain andMexico. The main climate of the places I named is the marine climate. The marine climate cheap term paper writer service usa a .

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