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Chicano gangsters essays ry so they can walk and feel safe. The Chicano gangster first made its big appearance in L.A. in 1943 during the zoot-suit era with the appearance of the pachuco. They were young Mexican-American men who, due to the economic prosperity that was being felt at the time, developed a sense of ethnic pride and, as a result, began esl descriptive essay ghostwriting site online see the types and extent of discrimination they were faced with because of their ethnicity (Kinnear 39). U.S. sailors who were stationed in L.A. during WWII began to get into conflicts with the pachucos and fighting between the two groups soon followed. For several nights, groups of sailors bent on vengeance drove trough the barrios and attacked the youths while the police, some say, look the other way. Because the police do not help, the youths feel the need to protect their territory from the sailors by responding to the violence shown on the part of the sailors” (39). An important aspect of assignments discovery education on demand limo gangs is understanding how their membership works. The first part is initiation; according to Vigil getting jumped in is the most common method for gang initiation In this case a prospective gang member is beaten by other members of the gang for anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes. The prospect is expected to fight back to prove he is tough (104). For female gang members the previous applies “however, in some instances they have to let themselves be raped by a large number of the male members of the gang” (La Huera Interview). After the initial step, prospects must then prove their loyalty by committing a crime; this varies from gang to gang. In some gangs it is a simple a assignments discovery education on demand limo [writing the placa of the street name], or could involve higher crimes such as robbery, GTA [Grand Theft Auto], or even murder (Bullet Interview). An exit rite also exists, and gang youth typically maintain that, just as one must be “jumped in” to gain membership, he must be “jumped out” to leave. This i.

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