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Bluetooth technology essays Bluetooth is a wireless technology that provides users freedom from institute of art in san antonio connections, enabling links between mobile computers, mobile phones, portable handheld devices, and connectivity to the Internet. The Bluetooth technology was developed by a Swedish company Ericsson and therefore, the term was named after a local uc essays 2013 Harald Blatand II Bluetooth. This technology was initially developed for mobile telecommunications but is now used in many other forms of digital data communications as mentioned earlier. The current focus is now on the integration of wireless networking with Bluetooth. The term wireless networking refers to technology that enables to or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, without the network cabling. Wireless networking and Bluetooth both use the same standard (IEEE 802.11) and use the same frequencies for carriers. The IEEE 802.11b is the most common and established wireless network protocol in use today. As with Bluetooth, wireless networking also promises high mobility, increased convenience and it does not require any uc essays 2013 cabling infrastructure. For the technology deployment of both technologies, they require a low-cost transceiver chip in to be included in each device. It transmits and receives in a previously unused frequency band of ranging from 2.00 GHz to 2.45GHz radio spectrum that is available worldwide. In addition to institute of art in san antonio, three voice channels are available and each device has a unique 48-bit address from the IEEE 802 standard is applicable to the Bluetooth technology. Connections are either point-to-point or multipoint. The maximum range the technology carries is 10 meters. Data can be exchanged at a rate of 1Mbps. A frequency hop scheme, full-duplex signal at up to 1600 hops/sec and signal hops among 79 frequencies at 1 MHz intervals to give a high degree of interference immunity. Built-in encryption and verification is also provided. Wireless networks on the other.

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