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Overview of the new colonies essays Life in budding America was constantly changing in the 1600's. For the colonies, trials and tribulations showed up within almost every sphere of life, including politics, religion and economics. For those living in New England, Chesapeake, the Middle Colonies and the Caribbean, many factors came into place now that would have a significant impact on their future development. Some of the first to succeed in North America were the colonies on the Chesapeake Bay, despite it's many difficulties. Tobacco was an important aspect to Chesapeake society and because of this (and the fact that men were typically valued as field hands instead of women) there was a very uneven balance of men to women. Along with this, there was a high death rate in the early Chesapeake area. Typhoid fever and eventually malaria, were the main cause of this. Luckily, many people became immune to these diseases and ended up having longer life expectancies than before. Another more personal aspect Buy research papers online cheap Analysis of In the Heart of the Sea Chesapeake society was religion. Unlike Virginia, where the Church of England was the established church, Maryland was intended to be a refuge for English Catholics. Even after the Act for Religious Toleration was drafted and passed in 1649, religious tension remained between Catholics and Protestants. It must be noted however, that although the draft was one of “tolerance”, it did not include protection of those who were not religious. Finally, one of the most important aspects to the Buy research papers online cheap Analysis of In the Heart of the Sea region (and ultimately it's success) was that of population. There was a change in the white population and more people lived longer, started families and the men to women ratio grew closer, almost reaching cheap letter writing service for university in 1690. By 1700 the Chesapeake was homework help college ilc completely different place than how it began. New England was the next colony to prosper after the Chesapeake. New England consisted of Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, New Haven and Rhode Island. There was a “New Eng.

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