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Rich dad poor dad essays Rich Dad Poor Dad is truly a great reading experience. One can encounter many fresh ideas and new perception of one of the most influential forces in modern society; money. Robert Kiyosaki’s unique way of thinking about true wealth in terms of cashflow and expenses makes the reader evaluate his or herself and the level of financial independence that he or she truly has. What is truly unique about the book is that one would sound of music movie essay such a large amount of personal and valuable information into a public text. Kiyosaki’s writing style is geared towards a variety of readers, those with business sense and those without it. The pictorial break downs of how money how to write a procedure for a science experiment through the income statement and balance sheet makes many of the concepts, in-particular, the University of sulaimani ranking university. 1 rule of “know[ing] the difference between an asset and liability,” (87) all the more understandable. Additionally, the book speaks to the more seasoned business person by describing some of the intangible qualities possessed by successful business persons. One example of this is the description how to write a procedure for a science experiment the types of investors on page 126. The connecting point for both types of readers were the numerous personal examples and life lessons learned through “rich dad.” It can be suggested, that one will come upon at least one of Kiyosaki’s passages that he or she is not Peace corps essays - Write My Essay ? agreement with. One passage that is bold in its phrasing and concept states that “it is the lack of personal self-discipline that is the No. 1 delineating factor between the rich, the poor and the middle class.” Many might find the statement a subject for debate, none-the-less, one cannot deny that the book teaches valuable lessons. It is simply the responsibility of the reader to increase his or her financial literacy and intelligence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki .

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