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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 1:03:56 AM

The necklace essays NECKLACE Emirates Airlines Case Analysis. Loisel thinks his wife is beautiful the way she is. He believes that if his wife had accepted her situation in life, things would have turned out differently. Mr. Loisel believes that the diamond necklace and his wife are similar, Can someone do my essay A Biography of Celopatra vi the Last Pharaoh of Egypt are both fakes. They want people to perceive them as something they are not. Madame Loisel has low self-esteem. We can se this in the beginning of the story when Madame Loisel is overly Can someone do my essay A Biography of Celopatra vi the Last Pharaoh of Egypt as to how people see her, and the way she fits in socially. She is a self-centered and angry person, who is never satisfied. She was always focusing on what possessions other people owned, and what was lacking in her life. She didn’t realize how fortunate she really was until she lost the necklace. Madame Loisel really lost more than a necklace. She lost what social status she had. This was extremely important to her. She could no longer afford the place they lived and the hired studio a messut 2018 helsinki university they once had. This forced them to live in an attic apartment. She was now responsible for the household chores she hated. She was not the only one affected by her greed. Mr. Loisel was forced to go into debt and take on extra work. Another prized possession that Madame Loisel lost was her beauty. By the end of the story, she turns into someone who looks like they’ve had a hard life and came from a poor family. Mr. Loisel has shown that his wife’s need to look beautiful and to fit in for one night, caused both of them ten years of suffering. Madame Loisel should have followed this advice from one of Aesop’s fables: “He is wise who decides not to desire the thing which he may not have” .

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