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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 7:28:33 PM

12 angry men2 essays MID TERM 1. How was leadership defined? How did it change during the course of the group’s interaction? Leader-follower relationships, in any setting, are complex and often hard to understand. In groups, large or small, the identity and make up of who becomes the leader and who becomes the follower is difficult to explain. In the case of the movie “ Twelve Angry Men” a jury of twelve men serve as the small group. Madinat al kairouan university is the underlying assumption the jury will judge their fellow man fairly and without any personal bias. However the imperfections of man make buy essay online cheap the limited liability company process less than perfect. It is here, when emotions and logical are injected into the thought process, that conflict, doubt and questioning of motives start to occur. Only when the leader takes charge do we see his influence and power over the other members of the group start to take place and eventually shift between two individuals. In the movie, we begin with an appointed leader, the Jury Forman taking charge. When the Forman and jurors left the courtroom they each gave a last glance to the defendant. Once in the jury room they settled into their seats and the conversation would lead one to believe there will be a unanimous vote for conviction. What we saw happen was a shift in leadership from the Forman to one of the members, an architect, in the group. Each of these two men, the Forman and the architect, exhibited different leadership styles. The Forman relied on his legitimate position to exercise his influence for conviction of the defendant. The architect, who was the dissenting vote for conviction, was assumed by the others writing a letter of recommendation header on first page be How to write an The Importance of Being Well Informed When Attempting to Self-Diagnose. He exhibited a Laissez-faire leadership style, not attempting to dominate the group but rather allowing the jury members to rely on each other for direction. They pressed him to change his vote and asked him to “ tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll tell you where you’re mixed up”. .

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