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Saturday, October 21, 2017 7:32:10 PM

Stress and college students essays Stress and College Students For most people now-a-days stress is a daily battle, from the work place, leisure time, and in your home. Most people don’t know what or can recognize when they are stressed in its early stages. It is not until either someone points it out to them because they appear different then their normal selves. Or there is just something that the individual notices about himself or herself that is homework assistant and tutor to accompany financial and managerial accounting different. So much can happen in each of our lives that can trigger off feelings and the appearances of stress. Stress is stimuli from and promoted by our environment. Little things that we do everyday but pay no attention to like, getting up early walgreens university ave georgetown tx morning to go to a job we hate, and that pays us a very unworthy salary that never covers all your bill. It can also be a marriage that goes really bad, or worrying about your children when they are gone from home. Just worrying about a million other things going on in your life can cause stress. With all the stress that we can have they can all what is journal article Centennial College an effect on our work and our performance in the office. By the way we perform our daily and new task that fulfill our job description and the way we respond to others. This really applies to me. I run household, got to school full time and work full time. So you could imagine my life is a big ball of stress. When school first began you could see the exhaustion in my work performance. I was moving a lot slower, and setting deadlines for assignments further what is journal article Centennial College then what I would expected them on my desk. But, once I found a way to balance and find enjoyment and peace in everything, my level of stress went down dramatically. I believe that college students already have an abundance of stress but with daily added stimuli from life experienced in each case can add additional large amount of stress that can often effect what is journal article Centennial College only the students studies but, also their personal health and how differs in.

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